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Friday, June 23, 2006

if i don't post much over the next few things will be hectic for a few days he, i got a call after midnight that my dad had pasted on, he would have been 91 next month, a good man, sometimes a hard man, but he will be missed.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Weird day…first I forget to set the alarm last night…awoke…rolled over and realized I had like 25 minutes to get to work…not good…got there and had a very irritating day…had a “how many of these can we stuff in a 40” container question”. Usually not a big problem but this was for a special roll length we’ve never run before for the ordered product and couldn’t get a straight answer from product on core length…not they fault but had to make a SWAG…for those who don’t know see below

SWAG (noun) Scientific wild ass guess

Which I really hate doing because they’ll quote the d*mn thing as gospel, and if it changes they’ll give me the but you said routine…when they forced me at gun point to make an estimate and I told them it was best guess and all bets were off…

Ran some errands watched a little tube and went to worship team rehearsal…still have the remnants of a summer cold and the leader tonight was in one of his lets do this one 59 times mood…voice is dead an go and will be buried tomorrow.

Never turned the computer on tonight until just a bit ago as I watched the showing of the newest “King Arthur” on cable…love the flick…the most historical movie on the real Arthur…still have some faults with it but I could watch a movie with Karie Knightley discussing jungle rot…

Monday, June 19, 2006

My only child was born when was I was 30 and her mother was 25...she grew up with adults...and had a hard times in junior

high and senior high...very few friends...from 13-15 she had very hard times...maybe because at ten she decided this is what her career was to be and never wavered.... despite what her education advisors thought or thought despite what teachers 10 she decided her career was in music...athletic induced asthma at 17 derailed her career thoughts of being a performance musician…and she dedicated herself to music education…she ignored the advise of the education advisors…and the military recruiters who tried to convince her to get her BA in poly-sci…she ended up at a DI school with a full academic ride…and had to fight off the desires of her major instrument teacher to go music ed. rather then performance…despite the problems…she has or had the skills to be a performance quality player…but her desire…her will…was always to teach… her best gift….

And she also creates a heck of a meal…father’s day…an invite to the daughter’s home with her hubby…a great, meal and quality time to spend with my only grand child…a small parrot…which loves classical music maybe more then I do…and informs my daughter on a daily basis what he has heard during the time he was alone…I have accepted the fact that I will never have human offspring from my daughter and her hubby….and I really don’t care…

Had a very low day physically…but I will survive