View of Watertown New York from Thompson Park

Monday, December 21, 2009

Have had maybe the two best days in a row I’ve had in a long time. Yesterday spent the afternoon, with my kin. Best night sleep I’ve had in awhile. Took a couple of walks today, and got some things the pantry was short of. But I will go back time to tell.

As sis and her husband dropped me off last night I found a basket of fruit from a church, that while I’m still a member, I have not attended for a while.

Among other things were 3 lovely red pears. Well one of my missions today was find some nice blue cheese. The second walk netted me a nice Danish style blue. If you’ve never married a slice of raw pear, and abit of good blue cheese, well you should. As an alternative, a few slices of pear, a potion of good blue on top, oven or microwave, your choice. While that’s happening, reduce a bit of balsamic vinegar over a flame (in a pan of course), marry them together.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Okay, I understand, it’s been along time since I’ve posted. Well things are what they are. And I won’t explain the neglect.

In the process of selling my house, and have moved in to a 3 room postal stamp. But it suits me. I can both mop my kitchen and bathroom floor in less then a minute.

I made today the best pasta dish I’ve ever made

A small shallot, 2 small cloves of garlic, a bit of celery, a bit of red pepper, dry basil, dry oregano, and some dill seed, and of course some pepper and some sea salt. And of course some nice evoo, and did I forget a can of diced clams. Heated some pasta, used linguini.

But pick your fav pasta. Didn’t have a good Italian or French bread in the house but a garlic bread would add a touch. Sorry I forgot one ingredient…a splash of a very nice zinfandel wine.

If you ever expect me to give amount, forget about it. I just throw, taste and adjust.