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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

I love youtube (yes it still pissed me off that spell check gives me the red underline), but I can find  Jan and Dean and "Dead man's curve".
I love all music...
that which I don't consider music.
1-early country music.
2-death metal, and all the offshoots there of.
3 rap.
okay, understood, I'm a grumpy old man.
deal with it.
or not.
if you can't.
it's not like I care, or lose any sleep over it.
(the mad one wanders off, finds an inviting bridge and sleeps).
this is my 2401st post on this blog,

Monday, September 21, 2015

I've been surfing on youtube tonight, not the first time, not even the 50th time...but...I love the music of the classical period, the baroque period in particular and the choral music of the period.
I have sung those works for many years.
until age has limited my vocal skills.
truth be told age, well it works against high tenors.
breath control gone, power gone, somewhere between 55 and 60, and the use before date on my singing voice has passed several years ago.
I can still enjoy the music, I can still read and hear my part, just can't sing it any more.
(rant to follow) why can't spell check recognize "youtube'

Fall really fell this weekend, rained most of the day the 19th, had been mid 70's last week to low 80's, and now high 50' to mid 60's and into 50's and even 40's at night.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

don't check the obits, had a problem with my baby, acer aspire /v5, dang kids