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Saturday, October 10, 2015

i was surfing TV tonight, and watched a bit of the Mets/ you must know my whole family are crazy Mets opinion of the Mets ...don't go there...
but it reminded me of a fun story.
when the Mets won the 69 series.
at the time i worked for my college newspaper
we received two copies of the same photo which were posted in both the New York Times, and the New York Daily News....
in the Times the fan in the picture with her skirt up, you couldn't see her panties
in the Daily News you could
my editor and i had a debate
did the Times airbrush the panties out,
or did the Daily News airbrush them in.
a debate we could never agree on.

Hawaii 50
the original ran from 1968 to 1980
typical cop drama of that period, but with occasional cold war overtones.
the new one (2010- present) tries to get a little of the cold war vibe ( a new Wo Fat, played by the chairman from iron chef america)(as opposed to the original played by Khigh_Dhiegh) no contest.
the only thing i like about the new version is the new "Kono" played by Grace_Park,
okay so i'm sexist, i'm a troll, live with it
the Dano in the first show was the adopted son of Helen Hayes...the new Dano is the son of James Caan...make of it what you will

Friday, October 9, 2015

it has been a weird couple of days...i was watching the weather forecast and it was predicted to rain all day today.
now i don't drive anymore ( neither cars or  golf balls), but for this discussion we will only touch on cars.
with my vision, and night vision, i am unsafe at any speed.(a tip of the hat to Ralph Nader ) if you're too young to get the reference, tough.
 i choose to live in an area where virtually every thing i need is less then  a 15 minute walk away.
but it has been cool, damp, and wet. not the best for my rumatiz.( i have  to talk to spell check, or the oxford dictionary to accept the word "rumatiz"( i guess i could say arthritis,but i like rumatiz)).
so i went to the local food store last night at 11PM. (dang spell check red lined me again so i'll...try again ).
2300 hours eastern daylight time.
the store is open, 24/7... except for 24 hours that constitutes december 24th..
i have much to say about the ongoing race for president, but i'm too tired to be PC. and i hate the black helicopters.

Monday, October 5, 2015

I guess we don't have a constitution any more
check this link
I've been surfing on YouTube tonight, (okay as much as I hate the shift key, I hate the red line under what I type worse)
as long as I bring up my gmail ( i'm  not typing Gmail or for that matter I'm) but I regress.
(the mad one is confused, where was I, what was I doing, and why?)
any who.
my usual tour thru the classics, but tonight they included:
jan and dean
and joan jett
(dang more red lines)
but on a more serious note, H Clinton unveiled her gun control policy today. I won't go into the details...but she said if congress didn't go along...she would implement the policy by executive order.
the mad one has but one question.
do we still have a constitution ?
do you actually think H that an amendment would pass muster?
don't get me wrong, I hate the plague of gun violence, but controlling legal ownership, is not the answer.
why doesn't she address the violence in the inter-cities where the guns are illegal under current law?
(the mad one wanders off, his head hurts, he's been serious too long)


Sunday, October 4, 2015

I found this site years back and wondered if it was still there.
google search engine/for pig latin
english to pig latin conversion
( the mad one runs for cover, being chased by the latin police in their fiat 500)
( I have a problem being serious more that 45 seconds at one time)

the latin police are not happy. I added a translation feature to my blog. and latin is not  one of the language options.
(the mad one runs away before peeps pick up stones)