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Saturday, October 17, 2015

thinking of the Blizzard of 77, i remembered an "odd" was in February and in November....that's 10 months later, the number of births at the local hospitals were twice the normal average of a normal November...
(the mad one scratches his head, plays with his beard, and runs away giggling )
i didn't take the picture now in the header, but was taken in 1977 where i lived then, and still live now.
(have added a link on the right if you want to see more pics of the blizzard of 77)
truth be told my first car was a 1965 VW  rag top...i figure my last car should look a lot like the one at the top of the right column 
i've been spending sometime today updating one of my other blogs (see link on right "troll's poetry corner".
i've been debating what "gadgets" to use, now here i have a translation gadget, but have decided not to add one poetry is weird enough in english, but the limericks...oy vey.....
(see link to yiddish dictionary on right)

Friday, October 16, 2015

if you checked the weather forecast at the beginning of the week, Thursday evening (that would be today), was to rain a lot thru Sunday afternoon. even the possibility of some winter mix. which is PC speak for sleet,snow, and slush mixed with rain.
well now they've  modified it to a much lower chance of rain, maybe only a little snow.
which reminds me of a saying a farmer told me years ago.
that weather forecasting was the only occupation that got  paid for being right only 25% of the time.
don't get me wrong, this time i'm glad they were wrong...but on the other hand i know the bad weather is coming.
(the mad one looks behind him, and shakes his head, he could have sworn someone was watching him...hehe).
(the mad one wanders off)

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

most times odd facts, words, and/or theories float freely in my mind, just unconnected items in the ooze. but from time to time they collide in unpredictable converters, and methane gas...bumped into each other producing the following:
(note: the mad one has just placed his tongue firmly in his cheek)
what if:
someone  created a catalytic converter which was able to reduce methane gas to a safe neutral substance.
and then equipped all members of the animal kingdom with the said device.
and why stop there, equip every man, woman, and child with said device.
it could have positive benefits to the air quality, global warming,to say nothing about the benefits to our collective noses.
(note: the mad one has remove said tongue from said cheek.)
(the mad one wanders off giggling, i manage that whole thing without using the word "fart")
(the mad one dives under his bridge)

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

I've always wondered why most cartoon characters have only a thumb and 3 fingers.
2 possible answers (link below).
why 3 fingers?

Sunday, October 11, 2015

I've had several vocations in my life, but I have always been drawn to, and my opinions have been shaped more by my avocations.few have I ever earned a dime from. but it's where I escape.
my last post reminded me of a dark day for many of my friends (the editor mentioned below)
 though i had a high number (312), if i remember correctly, and i had a deferment
my editor did not, very low draft number, low grades,and lost his deferment
if memory serves, he dropped out of school and enlisted in the Air Force
i never saw him again....
read the section on 1969
i had a 2D deferment