View of Watertown New York from Thompson Park

Saturday, October 31, 2015

i was considering writing a post about All Hallows' Eve (aka Halloween) but after doing some basic research decided that:
a) i needed more research
b) this might not be the appropriate place because it would be way  too long for this format.
now i probably still will end up writing it, but need to find a better venue...but in a nutshell...i'm not a fan...of Halloween.

Friday, October 30, 2015

TnT is showing all 3 of the made for TV Librarian movies back to back tonight, all 3 are good but i prefer the last 2. interestingly enough both of the lead female actors  went on to star in long running TV series...from the 2nd movie Gabrielle Fiona in Burn Notice.....and from the 3rd movie Stana Becket on Castle
starting last season they now are showing a TV series based on the Librarian movies, the season premier is this Sunday....whether i watch or not have not decided....i really like the 3 original movies,  but frankly i found the first season of the series...well....kinda lame.
now the fall colors had not been at their peak at the beginning  of the week and with the rain and high winds of the last few days, the leaves or at least the majority of them are now soaking wet and on the ground...i'm glad that dealing with them is not my  concern. but one of the things i love about fall are the colors of fall...(ho hum)...i guess i must wait until next year...
this weekend is the time to change the time on clocks (from daylight saving time (some countries  use the term summer time) and back to eastern standard time). one of silly terms to describe this bi-annual process is "spring forward and fall back). i would  tried this physically but at my age if i did i'd probably spring forward, get tipped by my cane and fall on my back..
(the mad one exits stage left, giggling)
i'm retired and probably watch more TV then i should (and probably is an understatement). but that being said i've see a lot of TV ads. i'm also someone who likes to play with my words. there was a trend years ago on TV to try to take the hype, and misleading claims out of TV ads, but in doing so the term they used, actually fits the classic  definition of oxymoron. and the catch phrase was:
"Truth in Advertising"...not only an oxymoron...but a very bad joke...

Thursday, October 29, 2015

i discovered something today i didn't know, now i never thought that the aerial view on a maps app  was current but the ones you get for where i live are at least 3 or 4 years old, there has been a fair amount of new construction since i moved to the west side of town almost 5 years ago, and a hotel, and 3 franchises which weren't there when i moved, but i did watch them when they were built, and they aren't in the aerial view...
the rain has stopped for awhile, sun is out, but still really windy,  took a chance and took a walk, needed a few things, as i  didn't get out yesterday...but there is still some more rain in the forecast...been watching regional radar....

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

despite the forecast it been relatively calm for the last 2 hours, the storm split in 2 parts, one part is far to the east, and one part is near to the west, looks like we may catch the edge of the one to  the west in a couple of hours
really a messed up weather day, a low front from the west, and another from the south, what's left of a hurricane that hit the south eastern US, have come together, not super heavy rain or wind as of yet, but it's been predicted the gusts may reach 65 mph...oy vey ...................

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

it's 26*F here as i write...or -3.333*C
the post below got me thinking about Canadian geese, and something that happened many years ago, there is a place in this area called the Perch River family was down there this time of year and were watching literally 1000's of water fowl grouping for the yearly flight one area there where 100's of geese some on the water some on the land. on the land side ever 10 yards or so was a lookout, from time to time one of the other geese would relieve the lookouts, now i don't know if the cat that was thinking there was a goose dinner in it's future was feral or a pet..but it got jumped by several geese,... if the cat hadn't found refuge in a culvert under a gravel road, i'm sure it might have lost all nine lives...we then moved to another overlook...100's of a mixed bag of ducks, geese, coots,and swans...yes daughter was maybe 10 at the time...and she had the binoculars..said she " dad i see a big bird flying over the marsh..." i saw what she saw and knew exactly what it she followed it the bald eagle flew right over her about 10 yards over her head, she almost fell over backwards trying to watch it's path...the eagle caught a thermal and rode that thermal and soared up until it was just a dot in the sky...
the moral of this story is don't mess with geese..or obviously the bald eagle...

Monday, October 26, 2015

there are two drainage ponds, built for the purpose of protecting the local business, a plaza, 2 hotels, and a bunch of franchise places,
however being on a very active water fowl flyway...the birds think the 2 ponds were  made for them, more likely they didn't care why, they just took them over, took a walk today, on the larger one there were enough canadian geese for several traditional christmas goose dinners.
now the small one is mostly ducks, coots, and the occasional heron, crane, or egret. 

Saturday, October 24, 2015

there is a show that one of the history channels, or is it discovery channel, any who, searching for i admit that the proof the soviets offer is a bit thin but we're talking about a event (that is Hitler death) which happened 70 years ago...besides even if he did escape, and you did find his bones, how would you verify his identity... okay who ask he might be still alive..considering he was born in 1889...he'd be 126 do the math...
but i can expect several episodes with them wandering around, i guess Argentina will be one of the stops...but a positive conclusion...maybe...or they might find Hoffa...or big foot

i took a walk today, needed (or was that wanted) a few items at the food market,but extended the walk to included Staples, and an Army-Navy store...(aka sporting goods store)
i've been thinking of adding a tablet or a digital camera, they (that is Staples only special order the cameras, or i probably would have bought one).now to the sporting good store, i've wanted a pair of binoculars for a while, so i bought a pair of  small binoculars, Bushnell a good brand. now the question which will never be answered, if Staples had a camera in stock?  i guess we'll never know, it's just that i hate buying things until i can see it, handle it. and yes i can be forgetful at times but did stop and pick a few items at the food market.
(NOTE:all three stores are in the same plaza)
also when i was there i noticed the Vietnamese restaurant has re-opened, i love pho ....but really didn't have the time...but will put it back on my list of places to eat
got back to my rooms and caught the end of one of the semi-finals for the World Cup of Rugby...New Zealand beat South Africa by 2 points.
(the mad one is listening to Classic FM, will put the link on right)

Friday, October 23, 2015

okay what should i do....look like an idiot when i say look to the right for the link, when the column is now on the left, or 2436 posts and edit right to left...-now i maybe an idiot, but i'm not going to edit  2436 possible posts ...or i could change the template....which i did, so links are back on  the right
it's a year+ until the election of the next US president ....there are more potential candidates the you could shake a cane at ( and yes i have to use one...not a candidate but a cane)
but frankly at this point, i really have very little interest yet, i'll wait until the field thins out, then maybe i'll have more to say...
walked over to the local food market, and right inside the door there was a bin of imported cheeses, one i had never seen or heard of before Pecorino Pepato, a sheep's milk cheese with pepper corns...
(the mad one grins as he enjoys this wonder cheese...he muses...would go well with billy goat, but does go with a nice glass of bourbon)

Thursday, October 22, 2015

any of the links on the older posts (that is those between 2002 and 2010) are probably deader then a door nail
since i just changed the the layout of the blog, so in some of the posts it will mention a link on the right, well now you need to use your other right (aka look left)  otherwise i'd have to go thru 2431 posts, and edit where needed...don't hold your breath....
(the mad one walks away...shaking his head)
i love to check the stats on my 3 active blogs, in particular the country(s) of origin (i always misspell origin, or do i, because with out thinking i spell it Origen).....on one of my other blogs i got a hit from Ireland, and a couple from Indonesia, over the last week the leader of hits is not the US of A, but is Russia, welcome, i'll pour the vodka....
been messing with the template today, have always preferred the column on the left and posts on the right...

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

one of the neat features on  Google (i guess the hip term is app) is a translation function, enter any English word and choose a language and it gives you the equivalent in another language of your choice
it's going to do wonders for my cussing.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

have unearthed a long dead blog...not much new there on right...Trollie hangs ten

Monday, October 19, 2015

(rant alert activated)
today was warmer then yesterday, but warmer is a relative term particularly at this time of year. on my walk to the local market  i need to cross one of the more busy streets in town (and yes i did wait for the walk cycle...which doesn't mean i don't J walk from time to time). as i was crossing a car was stopped at the light. windows up, now this guy must have more stereo ( sorry for the archaic term) equipment jammed in that car then I've owned my entire life. now i am partial deaf...and 15 feet away and the sound was deafening, i feel sorry for those with perfect hearing.
now don't get me wrong, you and/or he can listen to any music you and/or he wants to. but why play it so loud that i have to listen to it as well.
also every time this happens it's either rap or death metal, neither which i consider music.
(rant over)
there is always a question when blogging, do you write for hits, or write what you want and hits be damned. years ago all you had to do was posted about a girl who was named after a hotel in France, and you would have been buried in hits...on the other had i have a picture of a clown car...hits are great but being myself priceless ....

Sunday, October 18, 2015

according to one of the weather sites i use, it was 27*F last night, and today i saw a few flacks of snow, have seen  snow earlier in years past but winter is coming.
there are two old gags in the given by locals for 3 counties in upstate NY
1) we only have two seasons:
   a) winter
   b) construction
2) we have 3 seasons
   a) just was winter
   b) soon will be winter
   c) winter
(note: i usually use an english system of measurement, but i realize many are raised in the metric system therefore i have add a metric conversion site in "other links", look to the right )

did you ever notice that no matter how many channels you get on your idiot box (aka TV)
there is either nothing to watch or 2+ shows you want to watch.
that would be tonight:
1) Draft i'm not a big fan of Kevin Costner, but Jennifer Garner..huba...huba...but i do like the flick...not realistic but most movies are not. even when they try to be.
2) The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen...the last film before his retirement of Sean Connery (Bond..James Bond) enough said...and Peta Wilson...(of La Femme Nikita fame the TV show) obviously this flick doesn't even try to be realistic.
(the mad one sits back and watches Peta)
(okay...okay...i may channel surf a little...i mean there is Jennifer)
which reminds me when i was 19 or 20 and worked in a hobby shop...on the main drag...downtown...big front window...and the owner who was in his mid 50's...sat in a rocking chair...watching the girls walk by...
we told him:
a) if your wife ever sees you watching...
b) and besides your way too old...
his response was always the same..."the day i stop looking is the day they nail the lid over my head.
  married friends of mine  had a party for the lady's 40th birthday...
said he," i'm going to trade you in for 2- 20's"
and with out skipping a beat
she quipped "you aren't wired for 2-20 at your age"
(the two stories above are actually true)
(the mad one wanders off)
(and yes i'm almost 68...and i still look...and i run from anyone with a hammer and nails)

Saturday, October 17, 2015

thinking of the Blizzard of 77, i remembered an "odd" was in February and in November....that's 10 months later, the number of births at the local hospitals were twice the normal average of a normal November...
(the mad one scratches his head, plays with his beard, and runs away giggling )
i didn't take the picture now in the header, but was taken in 1977 where i lived then, and still live now.
(have added a link on the right if you want to see more pics of the blizzard of 77)
truth be told my first car was a 1965 VW  rag top...i figure my last car should look a lot like the one at the top of the right column 
i've been spending sometime today updating one of my other blogs (see link on right "troll's poetry corner".
i've been debating what "gadgets" to use, now here i have a translation gadget, but have decided not to add one poetry is weird enough in english, but the limericks...oy vey.....
(see link to yiddish dictionary on right)

Friday, October 16, 2015

if you checked the weather forecast at the beginning of the week, Thursday evening (that would be today), was to rain a lot thru Sunday afternoon. even the possibility of some winter mix. which is PC speak for sleet,snow, and slush mixed with rain.
well now they've  modified it to a much lower chance of rain, maybe only a little snow.
which reminds me of a saying a farmer told me years ago.
that weather forecasting was the only occupation that got  paid for being right only 25% of the time.
don't get me wrong, this time i'm glad they were wrong...but on the other hand i know the bad weather is coming.
(the mad one looks behind him, and shakes his head, he could have sworn someone was watching him...hehe).
(the mad one wanders off)

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

most times odd facts, words, and/or theories float freely in my mind, just unconnected items in the ooze. but from time to time they collide in unpredictable converters, and methane gas...bumped into each other producing the following:
(note: the mad one has just placed his tongue firmly in his cheek)
what if:
someone  created a catalytic converter which was able to reduce methane gas to a safe neutral substance.
and then equipped all members of the animal kingdom with the said device.
and why stop there, equip every man, woman, and child with said device.
it could have positive benefits to the air quality, global warming,to say nothing about the benefits to our collective noses.
(note: the mad one has remove said tongue from said cheek.)
(the mad one wanders off giggling, i manage that whole thing without using the word "fart")
(the mad one dives under his bridge)

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

I've always wondered why most cartoon characters have only a thumb and 3 fingers.
2 possible answers (link below).
why 3 fingers?

Sunday, October 11, 2015

I've had several vocations in my life, but I have always been drawn to, and my opinions have been shaped more by my avocations.few have I ever earned a dime from. but it's where I escape.
my last post reminded me of a dark day for many of my friends (the editor mentioned below)
 though i had a high number (312), if i remember correctly, and i had a deferment
my editor did not, very low draft number, low grades,and lost his deferment
if memory serves, he dropped out of school and enlisted in the Air Force
i never saw him again....
read the section on 1969
i had a 2D deferment

Saturday, October 10, 2015

i was surfing TV tonight, and watched a bit of the Mets/ you must know my whole family are crazy Mets opinion of the Mets ...don't go there...
but it reminded me of a fun story.
when the Mets won the 69 series.
at the time i worked for my college newspaper
we received two copies of the same photo which were posted in both the New York Times, and the New York Daily News....
in the Times the fan in the picture with her skirt up, you couldn't see her panties
in the Daily News you could
my editor and i had a debate
did the Times airbrush the panties out,
or did the Daily News airbrush them in.
a debate we could never agree on.

Hawaii 50
the original ran from 1968 to 1980
typical cop drama of that period, but with occasional cold war overtones.
the new one (2010- present) tries to get a little of the cold war vibe ( a new Wo Fat, played by the chairman from iron chef america)(as opposed to the original played by Khigh_Dhiegh) no contest.
the only thing i like about the new version is the new "Kono" played by Grace_Park,
okay so i'm sexist, i'm a troll, live with it
the Dano in the first show was the adopted son of Helen Hayes...the new Dano is the son of James Caan...make of it what you will

Friday, October 9, 2015

it has been a weird couple of days...i was watching the weather forecast and it was predicted to rain all day today.
now i don't drive anymore ( neither cars or  golf balls), but for this discussion we will only touch on cars.
with my vision, and night vision, i am unsafe at any speed.(a tip of the hat to Ralph Nader ) if you're too young to get the reference, tough.
 i choose to live in an area where virtually every thing i need is less then  a 15 minute walk away.
but it has been cool, damp, and wet. not the best for my rumatiz.( i have  to talk to spell check, or the oxford dictionary to accept the word "rumatiz"( i guess i could say arthritis,but i like rumatiz)).
so i went to the local food store last night at 11PM. (dang spell check red lined me again so i'll...try again ).
2300 hours eastern daylight time.
the store is open, 24/7... except for 24 hours that constitutes december 24th..
i have much to say about the ongoing race for president, but i'm too tired to be PC. and i hate the black helicopters.

Monday, October 5, 2015

I guess we don't have a constitution any more
check this link
I've been surfing on YouTube tonight, (okay as much as I hate the shift key, I hate the red line under what I type worse)
as long as I bring up my gmail ( i'm  not typing Gmail or for that matter I'm) but I regress.
(the mad one is confused, where was I, what was I doing, and why?)
any who.
my usual tour thru the classics, but tonight they included:
jan and dean
and joan jett
(dang more red lines)
but on a more serious note, H Clinton unveiled her gun control policy today. I won't go into the details...but she said if congress didn't go along...she would implement the policy by executive order.
the mad one has but one question.
do we still have a constitution ?
do you actually think H that an amendment would pass muster?
don't get me wrong, I hate the plague of gun violence, but controlling legal ownership, is not the answer.
why doesn't she address the violence in the inter-cities where the guns are illegal under current law?
(the mad one wanders off, his head hurts, he's been serious too long)


Sunday, October 4, 2015

I found this site years back and wondered if it was still there.
google search engine/for pig latin
english to pig latin conversion
( the mad one runs for cover, being chased by the latin police in their fiat 500)
( I have a problem being serious more that 45 seconds at one time)

the latin police are not happy. I added a translation feature to my blog. and latin is not  one of the language options.
(the mad one runs away before peeps pick up stones)

Saturday, October 3, 2015

(rant alert).....why does spell check know "et all"... (Latin police approve )... but doesn't know youtube.....ok I could type YouTube....but I hate the shift the by....spell check does not know latin without a cap ( Latin police are not pleased ).
I hate the transition between seasons, my joints et al remind me of the crazy way I played sports when I was younger. the young man who had this body acted like it was impervious to damage, and pain was an indicator that I was improving, or just part of the sport.
the older man who now inhabits this shell, knows the younger guy was a complete idiot.

Friday, October 2, 2015

the best crossover shows you probably will never see. different networks.
Law and Order SVU vs. Castle...both shows are set in NY.
but the one I'd pay to see is:
NCIS vs. Bones, both set in DC...
Bones and the squints meet Abby and Duckie.
Booth meets Gibbs.
sniper vs. sniper
who takes the shot ?
( obviously the musings of a very strange mind)
( the mad one shakes his head, he's forgotten where his bridge is)

Thursday, October 1, 2015

when I was a kid, the elderly ladies at church always asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. my response was always "extremely happy". well that didn't end up very well.
so I have to consider what I want to be when I grow up.
two problems:
1- I'm almost 68.
2- I've not grown up yet.
( the mad one walks off to his bridge, giggling.)