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Saturday, December 12, 2015

had a nice lunch, for some unknown reason, it seems that we must celebrate something that happened 68 years ago today, frankly i rather not be  counting but if then i must, then i will celebrate the 50th anniversary of my 18th birthday....

Friday, December 11, 2015

i hung out on G+ for a while, on communities I thought were open to discussion, open to different views, well i was wrong, i actually put my real name out there...well more or less, a nick but the actually surname not a big surprise ....maybe i was a bit optimistic one really wants to discuss, their just want you to accept their point of view, i still lurk from time to time, and there are a couple i might post to, a couple of poetry communities...the only reason i don't quit entirely is a family community...i've switched my nick on the nick i've been known on line for many years the "Mad Trollie".......
in about 9 hours i will turn 68 years old [ i'm not going to try that old bit about 68 years's stupid, i've earned every day, every bump, every....[fill in the rest]]
have lunch date with my sibs and their spouses tomorrow...not a bad thing...
the weather has been weird the last month or so, and now it's heading for the's temperature is 52*F...this is the north country, we should  be hip deep in snow...temperature should be some south of 32*F or even 0*F....but took my morning walk in a light hooded sweatshirt, my Hogan hat on my head...except for the wind, quite pleasant, don't get it twisted, i'm not complaining..but it's just spooky 

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

I haven't posted much to any of my blogs over the last few days, i've been distracted , have a cold drink and a egg sandwich with a slice Lebanon Bologna..( link down on the right if you what)...but it reminded me of the many sandwiches i took in a paper bag when i was in school several eons ago, many were the a fore mentioned smoked sausage....i love playing with words, i love homonyms...
try below:
"A foul fowl just dumped on my head"

Monday, December 7, 2015

I mentioned awhile back that i was thinking about adding a 4th active blog...what i didn't say..was that i've been thinking about it a lot, and for the last few it has existed,  and i've been posting in private..but i've got enough posts and have decided to turn it loose in public...but i don't expect it to appeal to everyone but you can find the link over on the right, "Under the Bridge"
This is Dec. 7th, and TCM is showing a bunch of movies made in the early 1940' major studios, major producers and directors, and in some cases big stars of the period, but let's face it, they were thinly veiled propaganda films.....well  part of the purpose to aid the war effort, that's historical, and excluding that, they are still of interest and reasonably well done....the one showing now is just straight propaganda....

Sunday, December 6, 2015

this will be brief, spent most of the day messing with'll find the badge wandering over there on the left