trials of a troll trying to get by in a world messed up by humankind [ I'M AT UTC -5]

Saturday, February 6, 2016

G.F.Handel's Water Music running underneath thanks to YouTube....been a quiet day.....beautiful day outside, quite sunny, and mid 30*F...but for a day in early the lea of Lake Ontario....almost balmy.....but stayed in:
a] really needed nothing from the outside world...
b] while not sick, or even unwell....just a little off my game...physically.....
c] besides after being off line for a few days Blogshares [logo on left] was back up today, so spent a lot of time today playing...

Thursday, February 4, 2016

okay...okay...i may be a johnny come lately...but i now am on face on by accident...a friend mentioned a post on face book i might want to see.....and to make a long story short.....i now have a face book time line...[link on the right].....have only spent a bunch of time on it only because Blogshares [logo on left] is off line....again....dang
i have a confession to make....i have a great amounts of skills but there are a few things that evade english skills are mixed...which is a problem...because it is my native grammar is all messed up....actually just plan weird....i blame it on my studies of latin,also bibical greek and hebrew....but the truth is i just don't get it.....but the worst is i can't spell a lick.....thanx to spell now appears that i can spell...but it's only an illusion....but that being said....i've been wanting from time to time use a certain word....but my attempts have been so futile that even spell check couldn't help me.....and that word was scratch....oy vey
[ the mad one scratches his head [finally] and wanders off in the general direction of his bridge]

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

i think i mentioned this before but it begs all of my 68 some odd winters this maybe the weirdest one i remember....rain and temperature in the mid 50' the end of tomorrow the probability is we will have zero show cover......but the real gag is that the annual Snowtown USA festival starts Friday [ will add a link down there on the left somewhere]
now i usually scoff at the concept of global warning, but this weather has got me shaking my head.