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Thursday, April 20, 2017

 On the left you will find two articles, one about a statement by Pope Francis, the other reports a poll the results are more people believe in ghosts and aliens then God.........and unlike his predecessor Pope Francis did not support or even mention intelligent design.........but i can't honestly say that anything here surprises me, except maybe that one of the statements was by  Pope Francis........
 I not only believe in intelligent design, and that what was created was created mature, on the other hand i don't dismiss out of hand evolution, macro-evolution, i have my doubts, but micro evolution i believe happened, may even still to the Big Bang Theory........something obviously happen......but was it just a physical event, or was it the creation event.........???.........
 If you look down in the footer, you will find other articles I've written that give my position on creation

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

 a post on a friend's face book page got me to thinking, about a series of events that happened across several years.....(be fore warned this could end up an autobiographical novella)
I turned 21 just after the Johnson/Goldwater election, (remember voting age at that time 21)......but when i registered to vote chose the NYS Conservative forward several years, knew the man who was the county chairman of the party and he asked if i would be the ward committeeman and forward a few more years, and i was asked to fill a slot on the executive board, of the powers in local elections is to endorse candidates for office......about a years or so later....the story beginning
 Two candidates came before us, looking for our endorsement for county DA:
Candidate #1 was female, already had the Democratic/Liberal lines.......good undergrad school, good law school and had worked as an ADA.....
Candidate #2 male, already had the Republican/Right To Life lines........mediocre undergrad school, and a no name law lawyer......little criminal law experience
It should seem that the choice was clear....except
The female Pro-Choice
The male Pro-Life
and despite my best arguments that this issue was moot, it would have little if no bearing on criminal cases.....and don't forget she was more qualified for the job........
the party endorsed the male on a 5 to 2 vote
i resigned, and the one who voted with me resigned
i voted for her thru many election cycles
and she did a good job for several years
thus ended my foray in to politics

If the above didn't make my point, allow me to state simply
when it comes to choices, this is not a custom world, we have to most times "pick of the rack"......and take what fits best........maybe not a perfect fit.......but then it is an imperfect world

Sunday, April 16, 2017

i with great anticipation awaited the premiere of "Iron Chef Gauntlet" i loved the original "Iron Chef"  from Japan, and also "iron Chef America".........but my verdict on "Iron Chef Gauntlet" is still to come, from my point of view it's a crasis between "Iron Chef America" and the food channel show the "Next Iron Chef" two shows meet at a intersection and welded together........i'll keep watching.....but........
 I'm having a minor crises, for the last 3 or 4 years I've been using the same Analgesic Gel, I've been getting it within about a five minute walk, apparently they are not carrying it anymore, there is one other place in town but it's out of my walking range, and it would be a devastating result if their didn't have it i guess that i must go on the hunt for a replacement.....if you had my knees, shoulders, back and neck you can understand the need for me to find a different product that works.....
 Nice spring day, picked up some things i needed........the rest of the day has been spent very quietly.....