Watertown, NY, USA . "Public Square" (vintage, date unknown) but the monument is honoring veterans of the American Civil War so the date of the image is late 1800s

Monday, May 30, 2022

 Today is Memorial Day here in the USA (WIKI} from 1961 to 1965 as part of my high school band I  participated in parades & graveside services honoring those who had past in military service..started after the American Civil War..but after WWI all military personal who have died during service to our nation are honored....but except for a brief walk to Ollie's & Dollar General this morning have spent the day as I usual do..quietly in my rooms....for most of my childhood & teenage years Memorial Day was not as it is now celebrated as a "Monday Holiday" but was observed on May 31st..as well was the parades it was the day that our family tradition planted our vegetable garden..outside Buffalo NY where we lived at the time the possibility of a frost had past..ours' was about 1/3 of an acre & not only were the veggies eaten fresh at table but my mom canned or froze some for winter use..among my many chores was the tending of a dozen chickens that we kept for the eggs & when they time came..mom my some very tasty chicken soap..& a new dozen pullets (link) & the cycle began again..actually not a bad job except for once a week removing the old straw from the floor & replacing it with fresh..& the transporting of the used straw which was  full of "gifts" that the hens had deposited on the straw to the compost pile (link) not an enjoyable process on a hot..humid..summer day....in my later teenage years I helped a couple of local farmers baling both hay & straw..& although I have spent the majority of my adult years living & working in a small city & appreciate the conveniences afforded I must admit that there are times I miss my rural upbringing..that being said..at this point in my life..I'll take the conveniences..I'm way too old to muck-out a chicken coop..still a few things too attend to before I take my rest..ergo.."nite all"....{15;11-5/31/22}..../....  

Monday, May 23, 2022

I got a email this morning..apparently from a reader inquiring about my silence here for the last several months..truth be told the format was changed to accommodate the "mobile blogger" & I got frustrated by the appearance of it..the Olde MadTrollie doesn't have a "cellphone"..I have Essential Tremor" (aka: old age shakes) & have great difficulties using a touch screen..but lately the lack of a smart phone has jumped up & bite me again..with the FB new policy that I need a second confirmation that I'm Me..I can't gain access to my FB account.anyways..the only thing I really miss atall is messenger & even that I only rarely used..//.since my last post nothing of great significance has occurred save for a good six-month checkup with the doc..as for the rest I have continued the quite peaceful life of a 74 year old man..which is the life I have chosen & a life which I prefer..besides if I live on an "even keel" & avoid stress &/or excitement I avoid or at least lessen the tremors..my intent at this point is to only post here when I have something meaningful to say..well at least from my POV...ergo.."nite all"..../....

Monday, December 20, 2021

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...Been 5 days since my last posting on Wednesday last..a very winding nasty day Thursday & with my balance issues due to my essential tremor condition I don't venture out with winds 25 mph+..just spent a quiet day in my rooms..I had planned to take the short walk to Aldi on Friday..had forgotten to get a couple of things on my last trip there & stop at the bank on the way back to pickup my "10 day walking around money"..got up at the usual time on Friday around 04:00..took care of my early morning offline rituals & logged on to the net..there was an alert that I have an update pending..got online & shutdown for the update..when i turned the computer back on..just a blank screen..discovered if I clicked on the magnifying glass I did get a screen but could get no further..dang..Staples doesn't open to 09:00..spent until just before 09:00 watching what little was on at that hour..reruns of "Charmed" & just before 09:00 put the laptop in my sling bag & off to Staples (in the same plaza as Price Chopper & T J Maxx).. well Wilbur..a very skilled tech did the voodoo that he do & had me up & running in just under a half an hour..back to my rooms.. that certainly put the kibosh on my usual daily schedule..decided to just drop the laptop off in my rooms & headed for Aldi got just a few things plus the items I had forgotten the tother day & a quick stop at the bank..my /usual early morning session of poker on "Replay Poker\" turned into a late morning session & the rest of the day was catch as catch can..a little shopping on Saturday & on Sunday we got the first semi-significant snow of the year..not much...maybe 3 or 4 " but it's the first snowfall of the year that didn't melt on contact with the ground..so stayed warm & snug in my rooms..a decent nights sleep last night & just after 09:00 another walk to Aldi..the sidewalks were a little dicey..some ice & hard pack in spots but with my Duluth Trading Wild Boer Moccasins on my feet I made the trip with out incident (I can't wear high-cut shoes or boots..an old Achilles tendon injury in a soccer game 54 years ago this past October) anyways..have spent the rest of the day in my rooms & online..just my usual online gaming routine..been a good day..just a few more details to iron-out before I take my rest..ergo.."nite all"....[16:13 UTC-5]..../....

Wednesday, December 15, 2021

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    It's been 8 days since I posted last..bad Trollie..no biscuit..most days have been just my usual days of a little shopping here & there but mostly just staying my rooms & attending to my duties as a mod on the FB group "The Farthest Side" & as an admin on "May the Far Side be with you"..& of course spending time on the sim..solitaire & the live free poker game I play online..you can find a link to "Trollie's Game Room" in the sidebar if you're interested..../....Saturday the 11th was a very weird day's weather for the Northcountry of NYS for December..we had winds out of the south with winds in excess of 25 mph..52*F & rain..this time of year thew typical temperature is usually well below 32*F & snow..which we haven't gotten very much of as of yet..../...Sunday the 12th my bro & sis-in-law picket me up just before noon & we had lunch at the local "Red Lobster"..had something to due with what happened on 12-12-47 ..the gimpy..grumpy old Trollie turned 74 years old..& there are days' that I feel like I was born 12-12-1847 ...../....Awoke this morning just before 03:00 after a fitful nights sleep..had a couple of very strange dreams..really don't recall any specifics just that they were  bizarre..decided that it would prove nothing to try to catch another 40 winks..so got up & started my day early..just before 09:00 took off on an extended shopping trip..first stop was at Aldi..just some bananas..fruited flavored sparkling water..a 1/2 lb of Irish butter & a wedge of Edam cheese..then off to T J Maxx & another bottle of spicy mayo..Buffalo Ranch..then across to "Speedway" convenience store for some chew..they have started stocking my fav brand so bought a tube of five..& then a quick stop at Dollar General for a package of cookies & 4 apple pies..& back to my rooms..but a longer walk than/usual & my back was quite sore when I got back..I have had Scoliosis since I was 11 or 12 & it usually doesn't bother me atall..but today..anyways a liberal application of a topical analgesic & all is now well..../....just a couple more games to be played..a shower & meds to be taken & of course a couple more look-ins on my FB groups & my evening meal to prepared & consumed..ergo.."nite all"....[17:02 UTC-5]..../....

Tuesday, December 7, 2021

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...Last posted on Saturday & just kicked back & save for a quick run to Dollar general for a few things spent the day in my rooms ..the weather yesterday was nasty..predicted winds from 25 to 35 mph & gusts up to 65 mph just to the south & east of us..days like that I'm quite content to stay warm & snug in the cement block building I live in..the forecast also called for a weather storm watch from 20:00 to 16:00 today..well Wilbur..somebody forgot to tell Mother Nature because except for a dusting of snow were got nothing..ergo..had received a bill from my last appointment with the doc so just before 09:00 got dressed for the 28*F tem-perature..just four light layers do the trick for that & headed off to  my bill..his office is about a 10 minute walk from my abode..got that taken care of..a quick stop at Big Lots..they usually carry bulk black pepper corns..I said usually but not today..then to Aldi (dang..another word  the spell-check in my new laptop don 't know)..got most of what I sought but were out of pocket pies (as it happened so was Dollar General when I was there Sunday..I think it's some kind of a conspiracy (hehe))..& fruit flavored sparkling water..but did get the rest of the items on my list..which I actually remembered to take with me for a change..(shakes his old grey head)..then on the way back to my digs a quick stop at the bank for my "10 day walking around money"...../....according to the weather forecast we are supposed to get some light snow starting  about now & intermittently thru tomorrow evening but only 1 to 3" are expected..haven't seen any evidence of it as of yet (a quick look out the back door)..but as my old friend Norm used to say "The weathermen were the only people he knew that got paid for being right 25% of the time" & I always told him he was a optimist..he's not with us now..rest easy my old friend..../....weather looks good for Thursday & Friday & then rain & mid-50's on Saturday..weird weather for a December in the Northcountry of NYS..so will probably wait until Thursday/Friday for my next adventure in shopping..anyways..my days deeds are down..ergo.."nite all"....[19:19 UTC-5}..../....

Saturday, December 4, 2021

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...I been a very bad Trollie..again..been 6 days since I've posted here..no biscuit..today at 10:00 I'll will have been a resident here for 11 years..I live in a hotel (on my own dime} over the last 11 years it's changed names about a 1/2-dozen time & management once..but it's location hasn't..I like to say that there are three reasons why I live here..location..location..location..I live on the edge of the commercial district of the small city I live in & within walking distance of everything I need & that includes my  doctor's office (about 10 minutes away} & there's an "urgent care" practically right across the street..I'll be 74 in 8 days..I don't drive any longer.. my night vision was always sub-standard & has gotten worse with age & because of my essential tremor condition [link]..com-monly referred to here abouts as the "old age shakes" & in a high stress situation I could "pop a tremor" & lose control of a car if I was driving & I refuse to put myself or anyone else in that "jackpot"..ergo..I don't drive..now truth be told I live in an area where in winter extreme cold & Lake Effect Snow is possible..so there are days were walking would not be possible..in that case there are always cabs if absolutely necessary but both grocery stores in the area do deliver & in the wake of CV-19 so do many of the other stores in the area & also many Chinese restaurants..sub-shops & pizza parlors that would be more that happy to deliver & I have a debit card setup for such situations..also for internet use & did I mention my winter pantry & the best reason is that I actually save money & can live well within my means..obviously wouldn't work for everybody but it does work out quite well for this gimpy ..grumpy..old codger..../....*[18:04 UTC-5]*..I've just finished watching "Fantastic 4" on SyFy..been a quiet day save for a the short walk to Price Chopper & T J Maxx..just picked up a few things for my winter pantry..have nothing on the docket for tomorrow save for my /usual online activities..maybe some TV if I can find something worth watching,,weather for tomorrow looks fairly nice..a mid 30s F day..which is relatively speaking a nice "warm" day for this area this time of year so maybe a walk for the sake of walking  is possible..just a few more details to iron out before I take my rest..ergo.."nite all"....,/,,,,,

Monday, November 29, 2021

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...It has been an interesting 8 days since I posted last..a week ago tomorrow I had just finished my morning postings to "Trollie's Game Room" & finished a draft for the next  posting there & as I was getting ready to start my Sim&Solitaire play for the day my 5 year old+ Chrome Base died..may it rest in pieces..spent the better part of three hours with a helpful tech at the local Staples getting my new lap-top setup..did lose my files..& some of my long inns..had to start from scratch again on a couple of my game sites but that was no big deal & I'm still spending sometime everyday recreating some of my files & bookmarks & getting used to the new  machine..although a lap-top because of my essential tremor condition I can't use either a touch screen or a mouse pad..ergo..need to use a mouse..I've always have used a tailed mouse & am finally getting use the tail-less variety..just a different size & feel & I keep forgetting to turn the dang thing off & have not guess one how long the battery life is..ergo..next time  I'm in the plaza where Staples is (same as Price Chopper & T J Maxx) me thinks I'll stop in there & get a "back-up" moose..with the winter weather here abouts there are times when for a few days it's unsafe for me to walk because of the accumulation of snow..ergo..the back-up mouse..../....other than that has been a quiet week+..just the /usual shopping & online gaming & of course keeping an "eye" on the 2 FB groups where I'm either a mod or an admin..../....was up a little earlier than /usual but it's been  a good day..this AM made a stop at the bank for my "10 day walking around money" & shifted some money around between a couple of my accounts & just about 12:00 a short to pickup a few things at Ollie's & Dollar General..haven' quite decided what use to make of the rest of the day..??..off to figure it out..ergo.."nite all"....[16:05 UTC-5]..../....

Sunday, November 21, 2021

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..Yesterday afternoon I was done with my online game play..caught up with the everything on the FB groups "The Farthest Side (where I'm a mob) & "May the Far Side be with you (where I'm admin) & that also included the short walk done the hill to the plaza just west of my rooms just picked up a couple of things at Ollie's & Dollar General..took longer than I had thought it would..
Ollie's was packed with pre-Christmas shoppers & it took "forever" to get checked out..or so it seemed to me..& was done with everything by 16:00..thought about posting here..thought again..didn't(obviously)..decided to take the rest of the day off & as we would have said back in the day.."veg-out" & except for a couple of check-ins on my FB groups periodically throughout the evening that's exactly what I did..as a former mechanic I installed my tuckus in my recliner..watched episodes of "Pawn Stars" on the History Channel" & also as we would have said way-back-when.."pigged out"..just a relaxing evening..& "hit the sheets" just after 20:00...../....had a decent night's sleep & was up just after my traditional 04:00..had all my offline morning issues dealt with..had checked both my FB groups & emails & sat down for my morning session of poker on "Replay Poker" & except for getting rivered & losing a bunch of chips on that one hand..not a bad session [[note] free site..no real money at risk..just faux money..playing with "house money as it were}..Now I had decided yesterday not to walk today..rain had been predicted..but what we got was a mid to upper 40s F day..bright sun & only a very light breeze..took one look at that & decided I wasn't going to waste probably the best weather day until next spring in my rooms..had forgotten to get hummus the other day when I was at Aldi..ergo..just after 11:00 was all done with my game play save for the solitaire games I play on "Just Solitaire" & off I went..the hummus..a jug of liquid egg-whites..a couple of very green bananas (which will be just rip enough when there turn comes in a couple of day's to take their place on my 1st meal plate) & a bottle of sparkling fruit flavored water..their supply was picked over & there was only one 1 bottle of the flavors that I like..[shrugs]..back just before 12:00 & even with a break for 2nd meal was all done except for a couple of check-ins on my groups by just before 15:00..I'm off to check the schedule of what's on the "olde boob-tube" tonight but I'm contemplating another evening off..ergo.."nite all"....[15:49 UTC-5]..../....