Watertown, NY, USA . "Public Square" (vintage, date unknown) but the monument is honoring veterans of the American Civil War so the date of the image is late 1800s

Monday, September 24, 2018

(20:35 UTC-4)
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   I had only intended to walk once this today, and did so this morning, needed some juice and Powerade.....but early evening checked the extended forecast rain overnight and for both Tuesday and Wednesday as well....so needed to pick up a few items so walked just before dark.....but seeing as how Autumn is my favorite of the seasons I really don't need much of a reason to walk....
   I follow several groups on Facebook....not as many as I once did.....but I'm getting a bit disappointed with one of them.....I love puns and play on words.....and have been following a certain site for the last couple of years but lately it seems that many of the posters have no idea what a pun/play on words is.....or the just post ones that are so old the first time I heard them I kicked the slats out of my crib.....but of all the sites which feature puns/play on words this is still the best.....I guess I'm just getting grumpy in my older years......

Sunday, September 23, 2018

(16:53 UTC-4)
(+65*F.....partly cloudy)
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   It seems that Autumn has made its' entrance on cue this year for the next several days, highs in the mid-60s, and overnight lows in the mid-40s.....just one short walk today....just a few things I needed, and a couple of things I was unaware that I needed until I hear them calling to from their places on shelves and freezers.....a bag of kale chips w/sea salt....never tried them before....actually not bad...in fact quite good.....will never replace my fav ripple cut potato chips, or corn chips....but from time time why not....and a bag of frozen baby shrimp....I like shrimp salad, and have been using can, but the price of the frozen was similar and we'll see.....
   Spent sometime watching the Bills vs Vikings american football game.....I grew up in the Buffalo area..home of the Bills.....a great game if you happen to be a Bills fan.....not so go if you root for the Vikings.....other then the walk it's been a quite day.....BBC America is show a Bourne movie later, so will probably watch that.....

Saturday, September 22, 2018

(16:19 UTC-4)
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    A crisp day although Autumn doesn't begin until 21:54 tonight, looking at the 10 day forecast the weather is going to be Autumn like for the foreseeable future......Actually walked three times today....an early morning walk to a convenience store, later a trip to Ollie's more to see if the had gotten in anything new...which I didn't know I needed....which they didn't..a spot at Dollar General.....a bag of white cheddar popcorn.....and a chat with the manager...nice lady.....and later a quick to the ATM to visit my money...some of which insisted on leaving with me......
   Had a phone call from my big sister.....well actually she smaller then I am so big sister may be a bit off..make that older sister.....we hadn't talk in a while.....they're in the process of moving to a retirement community in Florida....but intend to keep a small apartment in the area.....2 of their 4 live locally.....except for when we were in college and away....we've lived near each other for well 70 years...going to be...well different......

Friday, September 21, 2018

(17:14 UTC -4)
(Mozart: Requiem in D minor (K. 626)(link))
   I nice day, a tad windy, but after doing an inventory of my pantry, needed to restock a few things, so a quick trip to Aldi....for many years at the factory I worked at, one of my jobs involved keeping the inventory.....eventually.....because I was in charge of shipping/receiving/warehousing....it was only natural the having to deal with entries and exits from stock would fall to my department....but eventually was also responsible for entry of the products from the production department.....also the monthly and year end inventory....not only the collecting of the data, but resolving any discrepancies....a real bear of a job, but I was good at it, I have discovered you can be both good at something and hate it at the same time......but was always good at math, and finding solutions to problem......so fast forward to the retired Madtrollie....I must admit I'm a little obsessive, when I finish for example a bottle of salad dressing, that I merely have to open the pantry and grab the new bottle.....and immediately add a bottle to my shopping list.....old habits die hard......well with most people this may be true.....but with the Mad one old habits never die, they just get older......

Thursday, September 20, 2018

(19:30 UTC-4)
(+61*F...light rain)
("Lord Peter Wimsey" episode (link))
   I had planned to be watching the reruns of "NCIS" on the USA network, but the last few have been post Ziva, post Tony......not my cup of tea....so a bit of "Have His Carcase" a Lord Peter Wimsey murder mystery
   I pulled the ultimate klutz move day, decided to go over to Aldi...now I never carry all of my cash when I walk...but walked out with out checking what was in my wallet...I got to check out and no cash.....and their credit card machine was on the blink.....oy vey.....the last time I did my cash count I must have forgot to put any in my wallet....now I usually look before I leave my rooms to make sure I have enough cash for my intended purchases and a tad more...you never what may strike my fancy.....must have been distracted twice.....once one I figured my budget and forgot to put money in my wallet.....and again when I didn't check before leaving my rooms.....oy vey.....
   So re-walked later, Aldi and a stop at Dollar General.......but as my dad was fond of saying "If you don't have it in your head, you have to have it in your feet"

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

(17:43 UTC-4)
( a "Lord Peter Wimsey" episode (link)
   A awoke in the middle of the middle of the night with a minor, physical, problem which was controllable, if seems better now, but the was no way I was going to get back to sleep so have been up since 02:30 local time, except for a couple of short naps, not sure what thee cause was, whether I'm coming down with something, or whether it was the quick change in the weather from hot and humid to cool and damp.....I wasn't planning on walking today...and didn't need anything so keeping to my rooms wasn't a problem
   I thought there might be problems with the WiFi here again, I tried to log on to Facebook, and the 2 of the online games I play.....both are through Facebook....but had no trouble getting on non-Facebook pages.....but it has apparently been dealt with
   Speaking of Facebook, every so often I'll get friend requests from "sweet young things" who I don't know, who have no friends, just another internet scam......although I've only been on Facebook for a little over 2 years....I've been online for 22 years....and have seen most of the scams online....and although I was born in the morning, it wasn't this morning.....

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

(17:15 UTC-4)
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   Not as nice a day as the last few....not that much warmer but the humidity and dew point are higher....a muggy day.....but a after about 6 weeks closed for renovation Aldi re-opened today.....they enlarge the store by an aisle, and redecorated.....and the layout is an improvement.....still the same basic items, but a little better selection, and the prices are still lower then the typical grocery store....and the people who work there are very friendly and helpful....and for me it's also a short walk...which in the winter is very nice.......besides that short walk, been in the rest of the day, but I may take another walk after 18:00 local time......

Monday, September 17, 2018

(19:10 UTC-4)
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   Another hot day, but again low humidity and dew point...plus what I call the brisk breeze.....but others might say it was windy.....although I did pick up a few things.....it was really about the walk and the conversations along the way......I am told that Aldi is re-opening tomorrow....but as it's across the street I'll take a look and if it's as busy as I suspect it probably will be, I may wait a day or two before I go over and see the changes...nothing I really need....but if nothing more it would give me an excellent excuse for a walk....plus would like to observe the the new layout.....
   otherwise it has been a very quiet day, had one of my best nights sleep in quite awhile, just the usual surfing of the net, some online games, and USA network was airing some NCIS reruns....and may watch some of the Monday Night Football broadcast....