View of Watertown New York from Thompson Park


Monday, May 21, 2018

(1:52 PM UTC-4)
(movie: "Stealth")
  To those who read yesterday's posting, I actually did make it to Dollar General and Ollie's this AM.....straight there...used the shortcut.....I've been thinking of getting a walking stick to add to my collection of canes, this is not, repeat not, the gentleman's walking stick, but rather a hikers walking stick, most of my "short cuts" are off sidewalk, and in the grass w/some pretty steep grades.....anyways one caught my eye at Ollie's and it came home with me.....but I must have been quite a bag.....using a walking stick with the right hand, and carrying my cane in my left.....After all if a driver of a car carries I spare tire, why can a walker carry a spare cane....on my way back I past 2 family groups of Canada, dad, and the kids having breakfast......

Sunday, May 20, 2018

(1:36 PM UTC-4)
( a gospel mix)
  I decided to take a walk this AM down to Dollar General and Ollie's.....which I can easily get to with a short cut.....just for somethings for my pantry...really could have waited a couple of days....but felt like a walk and figured I "kill 2 birds w/one stone" and then decided to make a quick stop at the ATM for some pocket money which took the short cut out of I'm walking down the sidewalk of the busy street I live by, and got to the point to take the road into the Plaza that the two stores are in......but was thirsty and then thought that I needed a few things from Price Chopper, so bypassed the entry and further up to a convenient store for a bottle of water and then across the street to Price Chopper, and as I was standing there after Price Chopper to cross back to my side of the street, decided I was on the same side of the street for a quick stop at Aldi ( well as quickly as a gimpy old man w/cane can be).....then back across the Arsenal Street is one of the busiest streets in the small city I live in and where I live is at the edge of one of the most popular shopping areas in town ( which is why I live here) now the posted speed limit is 30 MPH.....which is NOT enforced......average speed is more like 45 MPH+....and the drivers tend to be distracted and when the walk light tells me to walk turn arrows are also many times I need to avoid cars that have little respect for crosswalks......and playing bumper cars with SUVs is not high on my would have got me today if I hadn't stopped......I can't see much future for me as a hood ornament on a SUV......but as I continued my journey I past my lodgings and my back and legs suggested that we were home, so I never did get to the two places I had originally intended to stop at.....but there's always tomorrow, or later in the day today.....and I might need another excuse to walk  

Saturday, May 19, 2018

( 7:55 PM UTC-4)
(Handel: Te Deums (complete)
  A quiet day by enlarge....rain abated mid afternoon, and took a quick trip to Aldi, yogurt, tomatoes, rolls,  because of limited storage space, I get my perishables every couple of days
  TNT showed the first 3 episodes of Star Wars today and since they usually have a marathon of 5 or 6 episodes, episode I usually airs at 2AM.......It's one of my favs......but not at 2AM...showed it at 1:50 PM......finally........

Friday, May 18, 2018

(3:49 PM UTC-4)
( a Columbo episode )
  Beautiful day today and had intended to stay in today......but then looked at the forecast for the next couple of days.....and rain is in the had been thinking of what I might need until Monday.....and it was just a few walked.....On a whim went to "Ollie's"......found a compact umbrella that would fit in my sling bag, and a couple of spices I had wanted to try, a stop at the Thrift store and Dollar General, and with the exception of one item, didn't get anything I had intended to get in the first place, but a nice walk........ 

Thursday, May 17, 2018

(12:36 PM UTC-4)
(+69*F..partially cloudy)
(Bach: Mass in B minor)
  Took a long walk this AM.......5 stops....first T J Maxx...have dropped a bunch of weight over the last few months, and some of my sweat pants are way too loose, they didn't have a pair I liked, but did buy a nice pair of shorts, it's almost summer after all......then dropped down to Price Chopper for a bottle of Tabasco Sauce, bottle I have is almost empty....and a couple of other things.......had looked at T J Maxx for a windbreaker/rain dice...... so off to the Thrift Store.....found a nice one with a hood.....( I love me some hoodies)......then the Dollar general for a cup of Ice Cream (it's warm after all) and a bottle of Frank's RedHot....and a bottle of Texas Pete.....all three of the ones I have are almost empty.....and besides you can never have too many bottles of hot sauce.....last stop which is right next store to my ATM.....needed some pocket money......since it's the bank I have my accounts with, I can withdraw money with out paying a service charge and I don't need to go into the bank.....and can use it 24/7..... 

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

(7:58 PM UTC-4)
(Brahms "A German Requiem")
  A beautiful day had a couple stops to make, and thought I had timed my walk to be at Aldi when it opened at 9AM but got there about 5 minutes early and there was a long queue waiting to get in ......what I didn't know was that twice in May, they sell potted plants and hanging baskets.....and put them down the center of one aisle.....what a traffic many ways it reminded me of pigs one of my friends dad raised at feeding time at the trough.....funny to watch..but they had the aisle plugged and I had to detour to get the food items I wanted......which included some imported german smoked knockwurst....(or knackwurst.....can be spelled either way) never had the smoked variety before but it was excellent, I love all sausages in general but knockwurst in particular......a little iced tea...some potato salad..and the knockwurst just as is hot and dipped in good whole grain mustard.........did you know why you never take a seagull for a knockwurst lunch...."you'd be taking a tern for the wurst"  (sorry..but not really)......past that battle for the knockwurst it's been a quiet day......... 

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

(11:05 PM UTC-4)
("Hec Ramsey" pilot)
  To preface the following story I a destroyer of all eyeglasses in general, and reading glasses in particular...when I was a kid I broke so many pairs, my dad wanted to know if the optometrist had a cot in the back room so I'd be there when I broke another pair.....and in many ways I'm even worse with reading glass at any one time I have multiple pairs with different focal lengths for different purposes.......but for my computer (a desktop.....I also destroy tablets).....I need a slightly weaker magnification then for reading.....
  I lost a pair when I changed rooms about a year and a half ago......and replaced them twice...but the second time got the wrong tonight I was looking for something else..there in the bottom of a box were the pair of readers I thought I had lost.......but somehow I think I heard the readers whispering......"Dang, I thought I hide so well"......and then "We who are about to be destroyed Salute You" 
(6:38 PM UTC-4)
(+64*F ....sunny)
("Sink the Bismark")
  I had not watch/listened to "Sink the Bismark" for quite awhile, and decided to play it again, and discovered that the film had been deleted, because apparently that whole channel was ran a search and found a much better copy....
  Rain overnight and into the morning hours, but after housekeeping left ( Tuesday is the day that they come in and clean my rooms, and change the linen. and the good ladies do my laundry if they have time )....I kicked around the old computer for awhile, rain had stopped, and needed to get a bottle of juice that I keep "on-hand" some things for my "gorp" (read trail mix), and a small ice cream cup....and the juice...I actually remembered what I had gone out for in the first place.....which hasn't always been the case in the past.....yes I have a list.....and more times then not I forget that too......

Monday, May 14, 2018

(7:52 PM UTC-4)
(+67*F sunny)
( a mix of polka music)
  Had intended to just spend a quiet day in my rooms, surfing the net..and walk tomorrow, but a check of the forecast.....rain overnight and tomorrow......I mentioned below that my bill for a few items last night was $ my bill at Aldi today was $9.99......interest coincidence.......knock wood
  I grew up in the 50's and 60's in a rural area outside Buffalo NY, and more then half my class was Polish and/or assorted other eastern Europeans is fact at the time there was a Polish language radio station in the area......and I've always like a good oompah band......the East Prussian city my family came from in the late 1800's is now a Polish city...... 

Sunday, May 13, 2018

(5:46 PM UTC-4)
(The Hound of the Baskervilles (1954 Hammer Film)
  Took a long walk early this AM, 4 different stops, and as per usual left the shopping lists in my rooms, and did better then usual, and only forgot one thing, fortunately it was a short walk to the local "Dollar General" and picked up the item I had forgotten...a 2 more I didn't know i needed......It's a good thing I'm not superstitious.....h bill for the 3 items was $6.66.....but have had a quiet day besides my brief brush with Armageddon.....