View of Watertown New York from Thompson Park


Monday, July 12, 2010

It’s been hot and humid for about a week now. Now that statement is relative. I’m sure that some would scoff at high 80*F to low 90*F and over 85% humidity as being hot and humid, but in an area were –40*F wind chills in winter are not uncommon, you do the math. (Note: I remember one day many years ago when it was –54*F with over 50 mph winds and a wind chill one side or another of –100*F). The body tends to accommodate itself to the greater extreme. And in this region we are capable of see snow from October to late May.
Am in the process of getting over a reoccurring problem with my left foot. Not as bad as some of the time, but still swelling and some pain. All the cause of youth, When I was younger I played sport like one who thought I was indestructible. And with out going into any detail, did loads of damage to my left foot, among other areas of the body not mentioned here. As I said before, was a youth I saw myself as indestructible, at 62 I realize I was gravely mistaken.
But have had a good day. First day where my foot allowed me to take the long walk to the local Big Lots, Great prices on preserved Kalamata Olives, Artichokes, and Capers. Which gives rise to the possibility of a recipe or two in the near future? My latest desire is to make Capers and Anchovies common ingredients in the cooking in the good old USA.