View of Watertown New York from Thompson Park




Saturday, December 22, 2007

So the Christmas thing seems to be set…depending on how I feel and what the weather is…my Sis’s on the 24th for brunch with all of the family that can get there…about 8 blocks away can walk if I must…lunch at my daughter’s on the 25th…(3 blocks if I must walk)…and then maybe dinner at my brother’s…they are serving lamb…but if the weather is bad a very nasty run over Champion Hill…hope the weather is nice…

I have discovered that cat Smokey and I have a common vice…we both love sardines in mustard sauce. One difference is I like mine on crackers and she likes them straight out of the can. Is there a chemical in sardines that A: causes a cat to lick their bodies for 5 minutes straight…and then causes them to go to sleep on your lap and snore for the better part of an hour. At least that’s what I assume from my observations.

Got a call and talked for over an hour last night from my Uncle Roy…except for one Uncle through marriage the last of the remaining family from the last generation…he was a CO during WWII…but served on a hospital ship…one thing I never knew …all of the hospital ships in WWII (and maybe now…just don’t know)…were named after military nurses who died in service…