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Saturday, November 14, 2015

this is getting to be a real bore, Windows updates, again,...this time about 2&1/2 hours, at least this time for the first 2 hours or so i could still use the computer....but  i'm sure after the last updates the message said the next updates would be in 28 days...and that was less then 2 weeks ago.......
( the mad one's head hurts...he was never good at the "new math")
( update:actually it was 11 days)
i probably watch to much TV. but here's a question based on observation:
which ads show the most:
1) the one where drug companies push their new wonder drugs...
2) where law firms push you to sue the a fore mention drug companies over their old wonder drugs
(the mad one shakes his head.........and wanders off confused)
i've been up for 5 hours, took first walk in the realm for 3 days, cold but not raining was told it did snow last night but light and no after effects ( aka it didn't stick) stopped a few places, the cupboard was getting a little bare...that took about an hour...just looked at the clock and realized:
a) i haven't turned the boob box on yet (aka TV)
b) the drink i made when i got back all the ice is melted
c) all i've done is mess around on the net
posted to two of my blogs, messed with the layouts and templates on two, did some surfing for links and images...posted to G+...left some communities...joined others...
d) and forgot to eat
( the mad one be jamming)
i have come to the conclusion that i can't leave well enough alone, i play with words, play with my food, play dumb (hehe) and most definitely play with my blogs...have spent a large chunk of the morning added new posts, changing the background, adding gadgets, and rearranging the furniture..
blog in question ( well all my blogs are questionable but ...) "Trollie Hangs Ten" (link)

Friday, November 13, 2015

i don't spend an inordinate amount of time on G+ but i have a few ideas how to improve of your options is a button to add a " +1" to a post or comment with which you agree etc, i wish they also had a button to add a (-1) when it was inappropriate, rude, or just plain nonsense. except some peeps would see a whole bunch of minuses as a badge of honor. actually so would i depending on what community i posted would not be the first time i "stirred the pot"

the forecast has changed again, they know predict more snow then they originally did, however with:
a) the ground isn't frozen yet
b) it is predicted to be in the 60'sF early next week
c) the chances of it sticking are slim to  none

Thursday, November 12, 2015

( i realize that i just posted..but since this has nothing to do with the other..second post)
okay shoot me ( not literally). but i like watching the show "Pawn Stars"...although i sometimes refer to it as Pawn Whores...(oops)...but i get a charge out of peeps who think:
1)  that they can get retail price
2) that thing that the price peeps on E-Bay are asking is what it's worth
3) that just because their great, great, grandmother's 100 years old bra is worth 1000's when  it's not worth spit (okay so i exaggerate a bit)
4)or just because they say it's real doesn't make it so
5)or think they know more then the experts the guys call in
with the fact that it rained most of the day, and i didn't get out yesterday, and tomorrow's forecast is for rain most of the day and possible snow friday evening... i ordered delivery chinese food, but the weird thing is i call, said i "i would like to arrange for delivery" and the girl who answered said, my address...oy i will admit to ordering from the same place over the last 5 or so years many times...but not for the last 4 months or the question is do they have caller id, or do i have a very unique voice that can be very recognizable ...been told that for years, i have a slightly higher pitch voice then most males...i am after all a high tenor...but it's the reason i've never done any obscene phone calls (well not the only reason...but it sounded good)....
( oh if you really need to know: a small order of boneless spare ribs, a pint of egg drop soup, and mushroom egg foo young.)
(if your ever in Watertown NY...2000-Chinese Restaurant-)

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

i was clashing sabers (well not literally) on G+, and the stream of logical fallacies was boggling my i went a surfing, and found a list of logical fallacies...though i did study formal logic in was a few years ago (okay okay on the order of 45+ years ago)....when i found the listing i remembered a few i had forgotten, and they were being used against the community the posts were on..I realized that it made no sense  however to call the poster(s) on the fallacies...
( bye the bye you will find a link to the list over yonder...(on  the right)
if i see, read, or smell one more time i may barf (not literally) the reference to the exodus in the old testament as the crossing of the Red scripture the words are Yam Suph meaning the Reed Sea (or literally " sea of reeds" or " sea of seaweed")...the Hebrew for red sea is totally it's true that Yam Suph does no longer exist, well that's not quite true, it's a dry lake bed,  blame the Suez canal for that...
NY State in it's overreaching ways has determined that Draft Kings et al are illegal gambling ( don't believe it check here) but there again in NYS off track betting is legal (see here) if you check the link you'll see the part where NYS gets a cut of the revenue. now get me, i don't use any of the a fore mentioned sites...neither the fan sites or OTB for that matter. so as an independent observer...i propose the following question:
Is the state banning Draft Kings et al because of harmful effects on us, the "proud citizens of good old NYS" or because they aren't getting a cut of the revenue?
( the mad one wanders off...humming to himself....)

( sound of a foghorn..dang i thought i had fixed the rant alert)
when discussing historical events i really wish peeps would consider the historical and cultural context of the period..rather then apply modern views, concepts, or cultural to a period where our views etc. did not exist, there's an old saying which applies here "we weren't there" (well maybe not that old...but i'm old and have said it for years)

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

could be an "interesting" end of the week, tomorrow may have rain early but starting Thursday (named for the Norse god Thor) for three days at this point the forecast is that it will rain 72 straight hours..(does anyone know how to build an ark, or a rowboat or have a Mae West life vest, i'd ask for Mae West but she's been gone for almost 35 years) but then the forecast has been wrong before.

Monday, November 9, 2015

was reviewing my stats and noticed that my hit counter was at :13666. the mad one shakes in fear, Triskaidekaphobia together with the number of the antichrist.. run and hide and hide...(hehe)....
when i played soccer in college for a couple of years wore the #13....asked for it...and as to 666...some of the greek manuscripts show the number as 616...
(truth is i'v always wanted to have an excuse to use triskaidekaphobia  is a post...but that's the trollie in me)
was wandering around the net looking for the origins for the names we use for days, 3 are based on roman myths, and the other 4 on norse myths...but in the process found a good site for researching mythology..have added a link on the right.
anyone who has read this blog at all, knows that:
a) i love to play with words
b) i like puns
c) and really love bad puns
therefore enjoy (or not) the following fishermen/fish jokes
1) did you hear about the two fisherman who fished only for the "halibut"
2) or the two fishermen from Finland, so any who two fish were watching them said one " don't let that fin-land-ya"(my since apologies to Jean Sibelius)
3) (lastly) did you hear about the two salmon who were swimming up stream to spawn, said one salmon to the other "dam"