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Friday, November 27, 2015

went to my Sis's place for thanksgiving dinner yesterday, and i got thinking of family gatherings of the past....for a while i was the kid, the younger generation, but marriage, kids, for  the longest time we were the middle generation, and know with the passage of time i find myself in the older generation, the last generation, my elders in our extended family have all one time all our immediate family was close by, holiday meals were a house full....yesterday there were only 8 for now is spread out hither and yon........

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

i used the term "meower" on a G+ community and no one seemed to know what i was talking about, although i wasn't there at the beginning of the internet, i guess i was online before all of the peeps on that  G+ community... went on line in '96 [ that's 1996, not 1796...despite what some peeps think i not that old] but my D went away to university..and i got a computer so we could email...but i soon found Usenet [basically what was called bulletin boards....kind of a early form of G+]...i posted to a bible board, a classical music board, a brain teaser board, a bible study board, a jewish board, and for the sake of this post ''...and that's where my path crossed with the  meowers...they began as a bunch of bored Harvard law students...who took over a lame fan board, and decided to launch troll/flame attacks on what they decided were lame boards...and attracted a mixed bag of followers...a couple who decided to attack emailed and IMed the moderator of the board and we decided rather then to ban them, we'd pay them a visit, and retaliate...well in the end a truce was formed, although i would from time to time play with them, although i never went raiding with them..
[if your interested check out "The one true History of Meow" [link]]
i was watching a news forum and they asked the peeps their funny thanksgiving stories..and it reminded me of a story that i had to get in "the way back machine" [or if you prefer the "WABAC machine] to remember...i was ten...just short of my 11th birthday and my bro was about 10 months the church we attended at the time had a morning service on was busy, at the same time trying to prep the turkey and get my brother ready for church... our kitchen had a double sink....the turkey thawing in one and my bother getting his morning bathe in the other....
two things:
1] i wished that i had a camera
2] i've given my bro flak about it for years...
[ to put a date on it, it was 1958]

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

i  just saw a TV ad, one of the funniest ads i've ever seen, also very true to life.....they showed a video with cats all dressed up in holiday garb...if fact one as a turkey...and the cats were not happy....i had cats for years and i can tell when they want to kill, at the end a text come up  "Help them forgive and forget"....and then you see the kicker...a well know brand of cat treats....what a gas....

i'm not sure whether i'm losing my mind [but there again there are peeps who would say i  never found it to begin with, or worse i never had a mind to find anyway] or am i just forgetful, they do say that with age your memory is the second thing that you lose[and i can't remember what the first thing was.] or am i just a creature of habit. who didn't grow up with computers...i never wear a watch...i'll be sitting here typing away madly...and look at my alarm clock for the time, some times the alarm clock is buried...and forget there's a time display on the task bar of my laptop..........oy vey........
so we finally got the first snow of the winter, well technically it's still autumn but  the lines get blurred in the North's still snowing but probably will not amount to more then maybe 3"...but with the temp in the 40s'F tomorrow and the 2 days after that in the 50s'F....won't stay around too long...

Monday, November 23, 2015

from the time i was knee high to a grasshopper, i was told by teachers, friends of my parents, and most of my friends, that i was nuttier than a fruit to be honest i always took it as a compliment but i could  tell by their tone of voice and their body language that's not exactly what they had in mind.
but here's my present i sit here written with a cold drink and munching on fruit cake, does that constitute cannibalism?
{ the mad one starts to run away, stops grabs the cold drink and the fruit cake, and walks away laughing, and happily munching fruit cake...can't help my self i like fruit cake}

Sunday, November 22, 2015

i have a conundrum, on one hand i'd like to have more hits on my blogs, on the other hand i really do this for's cathartic {(Gesundheit!)...........(hehe)}
(the mad one wonders off be for the German language police show up...but keeps watch for a black and white Porsche)