trials of a troll trying to get by in a world messed up by humankind [ I'M AT UTC -5]

Friday, November 30, 2007

Been an odd day weather wise here, light snow, followed by bright skies…followed by overcast, followed by light snow and heavy winds…so just after dark I looked out to see near whiteout conditions…very little snow but major wind…as I’m looking out my front window I realize that my lawn furniture is still in the front yard. (NOTE TO SELF: since it’s highly unlike that you will be using said lawn furniture any time soon…’tis probably a good idea to store it in the garage for winter).

Thursday, November 29, 2007

My fav game is Stronghold Crusader but tonight the AI allies are irritating me beyond belief…ask for supplies but if you if you don’t have the room to accept…why ask…I create to supply my AI allies but if I do that I have the right to assume…check that…maybe I don’t…I’m am troll…you are something that a computer geek has created…why do I assume that the geek was as good of a war gamer as me…MT hits him self with a whip…the game creator duds…or dudettes…understand code better then I do…but tactics in war games…I think not…

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Okay so I know technically it ain’t winter yet…about 3+ weeks away…but if you live in the what the locals call the North Country of upstate NY…winter comes when winter comes…we got one of the weird storms today that I’ve never seen anyway but here…we had a thunder and lightning snow storm…just of dusting of snow but thunder and lightning to accompany it…

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Today was a day that was a good day, one that went quite well with some interesting twists…my commitment to church went find…and went to my fav Sunday lunch spot…a Chinese buffet…about halfway through my meal my bro, his wife and 2/3 of their kids came in so I finish the last part of my meal with them…they were going to Albany today to return middle child to college and son to train to NYC…just hung out the rest of the day and watched some tube…reruns of “I want to be a high school cheerleader again”…pathetic I know but finally my fav won, watch some of the local coverage of the NYS high school football championships and two section III teams won ….(local area)…and watched the Iron chef America holiday contest and although closer then I’d thought it was Paula/Cat…won…but to see Cat’s helper Cori Lynn…dressed as an Elf…at 9’ tall and 700 lbs I admit was a little weird…( okay she’s not quite that big).